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2 Post Hydraulic Inground Car Lift Some routine maintenance requirements:

2 Post Hydraulic Inground Car Lift

1. Check the following items before daily operation

The operator must perform an inspection before operating the machine. The inspection of the safety lock is very important. It must be checked every day to prevent you from suffering serious damages. It will not waste time and cause no casualties.

When operating, check the bite of the mechanical safety lock.

Check the connection of the hydraulic pipe and check for oil leakage.

Check that the electrical connections are good.

Check the tightening of the expansion bolts.

Check the connection of the 2 Post Hydraulic Inground Car Lift bracket.

2. Contents of weekly routine inspections

Check the flexibility of the action components.

Check the condition of the safety components.

Check the capacity of the hydraulic oil, press the up button to raise the platform to the highest level. If the maximum height cannot be reached, the hydraulic oil in the tank is insufficient and fueling is required.

Check the tightening of the expansion bolts.

3. Monthly routine inspection content

. Bolt fastening.

. Sealing of the hydraulic system. If oil leakage is found, tighten the joint.

Check the lubrication and wear of the parts to be lubricated and replace them as soon as they are found.

4. Contents of routine inspections each year

Empty the tank to check the condition of the hydraulic oil.

Check 2 Lubrication and wear of the Lubricated Parts of the Post Hydraulic Inground Car Lift and replace them as soon as they are found.



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