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What is Two Post Car Lift?
2019-09-23 13:50:16

Two Post Car Lift is a kind of lifting equipment. It is widely used in the lifting equipment for small car maintenance such as cars. It is a special mechanical lifting device commonly used in automobile repair and maintenance units. The double-column lift has a compact structure. The beautiful appearance and easy operation make the repairman quickly and easily repair the parts at the bottom of the car without having to drill into the bottom of the car with a narrow space. Along with the substantial increase in car ownership, it is known that the maintenance workload of the car will be larger and larger. Accordingly, the demand for this type of lift will increase, so what are the types of double-column lifts? ?

Two Post Car Lifts are lifting devices that lift the car in the air and save a lot of floor space, making it easy for car mechanics to work on the ground. The two-column lifts are divided into two types according to the type structure and working principle:

Two Post Car Lift

First, mechanical lift

Mechanical lifts mainly include single-motor-driven screw drive lifts and dual-motor-driven screw drive lifts. Mechanical lifts are popular between 1992 and 1998. This type of lift is characterized by good synchronism. Because it is mostly motor driven and screw driven, it does not have oil leakage problems, and the self-locking protection is simple and easy. However, mechanical wear and maintenance costs are high (replacement of copper matte and bearings is often required).

Second, hydraulic lift

Two Post Hydraulic Car Lifts are characterized by smoothness, low noise and high strength. The disadvantage is that they are prone to oil leakage after a long time and pollute the working environment. However, the maintenance cost of the hydraulic lift is low, the use of the cylinder is 5-10 years, and in terms of the development trend of the lift, it must be developed in the direction of safety, simplicity, long service life, low noise and low price. Therefore, the hydraulic lift may be the mainstream of the future development of the lift market.

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