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How to Install Portable Quick Lift
2019-09-10 10:22:17

Installation Introduction of Portable Quick Lift:

Portable Quick Lift

1: Put the main column and auxiliary column side by side on the ground and install the beam. Be sure to tighten all the screws.

Portable Quick Lift

2: Wear wire rope, tubing and wire restriction on the beam to prevent the column from climbing to the upper part of the beam to install articles.

3:3 On one side, erect pillars and adjust positions.

4: Adjust the two columns with a horizontal ruler, not inclined or twisted. The horizontal tube is then used to measure whether the column is on the horizontal surface.

5: Make sure that the column is not inclined, then spread expansion screw.

6: Pump connection, add Great Wall 46 hydraulic oil.

7: Determine the cylinder chain, wire rope connection, lift to determine the positive and negative voltage.

8: Lift a car, lift it about 0.6 meters high, lock it in the safe position.

9: Put the two ropes together.

The eighth and ninth elevators are identical to any two-column elevator and are portable after a period of use. Quick lifting, when the rope is loosened, the adjustment will be repeated.

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